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I have just received my Craftea tea maker, how do I make sure it is clean before my first use?
We recommend that you fill the jug with clean water to the max line, and run the machine with the “Boil Water” function until the cycle completes. This will ensure that any manufacturing residue is dislodged and removed. Wash the jug like you would normally.
I have followed my usual recipe, why is the taste or color is not the same?
The machine is designed to extract maximum flavor from your ingredients. Adjustments to your recipe or timer settings need to be made to obtain your desired taste. Your last settings are saved into the memory, and these can be changed whenever desired. The tea maker is designed to avoid burnt residue and milk scalding at the bottom when using chai functions – this also means no more boil overs.
Why I find tea leaves in my poured cup of tea?
We urge you to exercise pouring from the jug slowly. Over pouring causes the liquid to flow over the built in strainer and the residual tea leaves flow into your cup with the liquid. The spout is engineered to allow pouring without any drips during normal pouring.
Why does my stirrer jam from time to time?
Please ensure that fresh ingredients are chopped or julienned and avoid very fine particles which is a consequence of grating.
Kindly remember to not open a tea bag and use the contents to make your cup of tea. The very fine particles may lodge in the magnetic stirrer and cause a jam.
Exercise caution when attending to a stirrer jam since the liquid may be very hot, we recommend using a long spoon.
Can I use tea bags?
The tea bags will snarl the stirrer and create jams. They may also tear due to the vortex action of the stirrer. Please use only whole leaf or CTC teas.
Why does feels like the machine takes too long to make my chai compared to the stove?
Initially, you may be excited and feel the length of time whilst making your initial cups of tea, and this is understandable due to focusing on one task, it happened to us too! During the normal stovetop process, you step away and continue with other chores, and attend to the brew intermittently, which is exactly how this machine is designed. The benefit here is that the machine stops at the pre-determined time and alerts you when the next step is ready. This ensures that the quality and flavor of your brew remains consistent, unlike stovetop brewing. Additionally, research suggests that time and heat are needed to extract beneficial ingredients in tea and spices, take a moment to reflect on your flavorful and healthier tea. Bonus ……it never boils over when you are distracted.
Is there a keep-warm feature on the tea maker?
No, we did not incorporate this feature. When tea leaves continue to steep, bitter flavors with an unpleasant taste will work its way into the your favorite tea or chai beverage over time. Once the tea leaves are sifted from the brew, the steeping process stops.
How long do I have between the steps whilst making my tea?
The visual and audible alert system will continue for two minutes. After this period, the machine is designed to automatically shut down. This is a built in safety feature to avoid overheating and hazardous situations.
How many cups can I make at a time?
The machine is designed to make from 1 to 4 cups.
Why does my machine have a low level of noise?
This is normal. The innovative stirrer creates a vortex action, which is designed to extract maximum flavor and beneficial ingredients. In addition, safety cooling fans inside the base may come on from time to time.
If I am in a hurry, can I cut down my cycle time?
The longest cycle is heating of the water. You may choose to start with hot water. The machine works with temperature sensor feedback loop and will automatically adjust to the program you have selected.
Why are there different functions for different types of teas?
Teas are best enjoyed at the optimal steeping temperature. Not all teas require boiling hot water. The different programs allow you to get the optimal flavor and benefits without the need for a thermometer and timer. Additionally at higher temperatures, tea will produce bitter flavors that may ruin your perfect recipe.
I have just bought some tea that does not have a program for it on the machine?
No problem. The “Delicate Tea” function allows the user to set the exact temperature and steep time per the directions of the tea vendor.
Why does my chai tea taste different using Craftea?
Craftea is designed to optimally brew tea at the correct temperature enabling you to enjoy the full flavor and health benefits in every cup. Craftea does not vigorously boil at high temperatures that releases bitter and astringent tannins producing a taste some consumers may have come accustom to.
Why is this machine expensive?
For the ultimate convenience in a modern world, the brewing jug is stainless steel for zero flavor absorption, so you can seamlessly switch from tea to chai to ayurvedic beverages with minimal effort. All parts associated with the jug are BPA and dishwasher safe, so cleanup is easy. We use induction technology to make a safer appliance to use in the home or office, no open heat sources. Additionally, our vortex technology along with heat extracts maximum flavor and beneficial ingredients.

Overall, Craftea – The Ultimate Tea and Chai Machine is good value for money. You do not need to spend money on expensive pods or tea bags. Use the ingredients you chose and enjoy to experience the tradition, joys and ritual of making a perfect cup of tea. And if a tweak to the recipe is needed, add that missing flavor - Ritual Remixed!