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The Promise

Our story begins in 2010 on a typical morning in the Keshav family’s kitchen. Pratima, the multi-tasking mom (and my wife) was busy preparing a full breakfast for the family. She turned her attention away from the stove where the traditional Indian tea was furiously boiling, only to find the milk had overboiled. The pungent smell of burnt whole leaf tea, herbs, and spices had left its mark throughout the house.

I rushed to the stove side to clean the mess, and made a few smart comments as I vigorously scraped the burnt remains. Pratima, the true inspiration behind this project, requested that I make both our lives easier —build a machine to make our tea every morning, and save us from constantly tending to the stove.

You see, tea, and the associated caffeine, is a serious part of a successful day for the Keshav family. This was going to be a challenge, but was I up for it? For over a year, I tested concepts, developed prototypes and recalled my engineering lessons from decades back that were now clearly in hibernation mode.

Countless clean-ups over twenty-eight years of marriage gave me enough incentive to find a solution.

Prototype in hand, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a family owned German company who promised to take my concept to reality. With design and production expertise, they were ready and able to make the patented, precision engineered, state of the art induction appliance, utilizing a proprietary vortex technology to make The Ultimate Tea Maker®.

The Product


CRAFTEA® makes tea and chai brewing easy, while keeping creativity in your hands. It simplifies tea and chai preparation by automating steeping temperatures and times, ensures even distribution of heat, so that your beverage will never boil over. It gives you the ability to design your own beverages—be it herbal infusions, milk infusions, and even those fun tea cocktails.

What’s better than crafting and enjoying a quality beverage without having to leave your kitchen, at a fraction of the price with no messy cleanup? Experience the Ultimate Tea Maker® for yourself. Remix your favorite beverage with fresher ingredients and pour to a successful day.

... Jitu